Game Description: You know the feeling in movies of the infiltration genre, such as, in Mission impossible, when Ethan yells at his hacker friends Benji because he needs him to open a door, while one is under pressure of guards hunting him and the other of network viruses shutting him off? Time and self-control are the key! Well, that’s what Hacktag is about! It’s a unique infiltration game, for two players online, available on different platforms such as PC and Console, the game focus on the feeling of stressed infiltration missions, when nothing goes as expected! Though is a non-violent game, its asymmetric gameplay (one playing the Agent on the ground, the other playing a Hacker on the network), and the procedural level design guarantee an infinite and renewable user experience. Both partners accomplish missions and can cha

Team Description: Marine Lemaitre Freland and Xavier Lemaitre are two experienced developers, working together in the video game industry for more than 10 years (Alone in the Dark V, Test Drive Unlimited2, FLY’N etc.). Berenger comes from Hi-tech and e-commerce start-ups, really into narrative experiences and knitting geek stuffs! Don’t ask me why.

Together we’ve decided to make the big jump to the entrepreneurial world. We will always remember how it started with conf-calls to professionals and incubators made in the kid’s room with, bunk beds behind us.

As Marine and Xavier worked few years abroad as video game teachers, we decided to reinforce the team with their graduated students, Amelie, Teddy and Idrys joined the adventure. Since January we’re developing the game, we got a great place thanks to an incubator, we got prizes and recognitions that enlighten our mood and reinforced our will to develop a great game.