Old Man’s Journey

Game Description: Old Man’s Journey is a slow-paced puzzle adventure in which players shape the landscape to guide an old man on his last big journey to find reconciliation with his family. The player will accompany the old man through a gorgeously illustrated world and learn about the old man’s life choices along the way. Old Man’s Journey is the perfect experience for a relaxed evening in your favourite reading spot.

Team Description: Broken Rules was founded in 2009 and made three original downloadable games. In July 2014 we changed the structure of Broken Rules to be more of an infrastructure hub for each of its core founders enabling us to do contract work or work on individual projects. Clemens and Felix conceptualised and pitched Old Man’s Journey together. Once we got funding fellow Broken Ruler Jan Hackl joined the team. The rest of the team are external freelancers as well as one company (called Salon Alpin) which is responsible for the illustration and animation of the memories. Everyone is based in Vienna and works from the Broken Rules office, except for Andrew Rohrman, who works from Seattle. We are a self-reliant team of 6 motivated individuals that need only a minimal organisational overhead using Trello, Slack and the occasional Hangout.