Shrug Island 1 – The Meeting

Game Description: Shrug Island is a hand-drawn musical adventure game about interdependance, nature and hope in the mysterious shape-shifting world of the Shrugs. Play as two separated friends, Li and Shri, as they reconnect with the living home they’ve returned to. Shri transforms, moving his surroundings by playing music. Li reveals a hidden layer of the world where forgotten things lie, and puts them back together. As a strange call resonates throughout the land, you switch between the two, using their different skills needed to awaken the Island seasons and its people on their path towards each other. Between ambient musical puzzle and environmental tale, Shrug Island appeals to those who seeking rich experiences and cultural stories for diverse perspectives, and explore serious issues via the imagination. Audiences of games like Never Alone, or Samarost but also readers of Shel Silverstein, followers of Andy Goldsworthy, Philippe Decouflé, and listeners of Philip Glass

Team Description: A wordy nomadic visual artist, an acoustic musician with technical inclinations and an outdoorsman programmer form the team making Shrug Island. Alina Constantin is the production’s director, game designer, animator and painter. In addition to her artistic talents her background in nature activism keeps the team focused on green worlds outside their computer screens. Michael G. Rose is the game’s composer and producer. Having spent a lifetime making music using wood and strings, he is appreciating the challenge of making Shrug music on unrecognizable virtual instruments, with additional voices from singer Lukkif. Milos Jovanovic of Borg Interactive is the programmer on Shrug Island. Milos has a degree in Tropical Forestry, a uniquely appropriate background  for this project. Alina and Michael work from his sound studio in Copenhagen juggling creative assets and promotional tasks.  Through Skype and Trello Milos supplies witty comments and build updates from his home in Serbia.