Game Description: Event[0] is an atmospheric space thriller set on an abandoned tourist spacecraft floating idly 390,399,000 miles away from Earth. The year is 2012, and the human race is now exploring the far reaches of the Solar System and beyond, having begun a true colonization campaign that launched successful commercial space programs around the globe. Apart from its unique retro-futuristic setting and detective story, the game offers an innovative game experience. A complex artificial intelligence algorithm combined with natural language recognition compose our one-of-a-kind dialogue system. You will build a relationship with the AI that controls the spacecraft, trying to convince it to keep you alive and stay on course. You will discover that forming a relationship with this intelligent machine is far less straightforward than simply typing commands into a computer. The AI is alive, it is a character with its own fears and anxieties.

Team Description: Ocelot Society is a small, young and international team based in Paris, France. Most of us met in 2013, during our studies, when Event[0] was still a student game. The team had a strong technical background and was very excited about the challenges of a gameplay-compliant AI. It quickly turned into a very creative storm as colleagues turned into friends.  Once the school was finished, we decided to keep developing it during nights and weekends. Finally, we said goodbye to our careers at big companies to set up our own studio and bring the project to completion.

We founded a very creative work environment where nothing gets in the way of making games and where people can bring very personal ideas to the table. We recruited three highly motivated and skilled people who immediately made the game their own.