IndieCade Europe 2016 Show & Tell

IndieCade Europe is continuing one of our favorite events: “Show & Tell”! It’s always a challenge for developers to find people to play their unreleased or just released games, so we’ve set up a prime spot at IndieCade Europe where any developer with a Pass can demo their game for a 2-hour slot on either Friday Nov 18th or Saturday Nov 19th. Use the opportunity to playtest your newest prototype, show off your unreleased works in progress, ask other developers for advice, promote your Kickstarter, and raise awareness for your game. Last year at IndieCade East it was one of the busiest parts of the conference, with representatives from Sony and Facebook checking out the games, lots of eager indie game fans, and plenty of media!

We’ll have six developers show their games at a time, each with their own table, so there will definitely be a crowd of eager conference attendees looking to check out what great indie games are coming soon. You’ll need to bring your own gear (ipad, laptop, cards/dice, etc.) to show your game…we will provide the space, A/C power, a table, and the players!

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